Thursday, June 26, 2008

A little bit of what I have shot lately

Summer Football Camp... boy do I not miss those hot days in the sun, especially the Two-A-Days in the August heat.
A little old church in Midland. It was so hard to get both Dan and his grandmother in the same frame. He is the Pastor of the Church and she plays the organ. This might be a family worth calling back for a story.

There will be many more, soon I'm just busy.

Monday, June 9, 2008


So every now and then when I'm not working one of my other jobs or overloaded with course work I get to make photos. Lately I can feel myself growing as a photographer. I'm becoming better at telling the story. The photos above are my three favorite images from the Dow Run/Walk race that took place in Midland. This assignment had so many opportunities to make good pictures that I feel some what disappointed coming out with the ones I did. I kept waiting for the moment to happen and I would turn around and I would see another moment and I would get everything set to make the picture and I would miss it. So I would turn back around just in time to see the moment I was waiting for was ending. It is kind of my life story.

About the photos
The first two images are from this group called "Girls on the Run". It is an after school program which teaches girls about self esteem, and loving their bodies. I was really uncomfortable shooting with the D3 because I have always been a Canon shooter even when since film, so I was having trouble learning which button did that, and which nob did this. But I survived and I'm happy with these two photos.

The last photo I love to death. I shot the crap out of people looking over their times and didn't make the picture I wanted. I knew I needed the photo because hundreds of people were flocking around this tiny little wall and it wasn't until everyone pretty much left that I saw a little kid trying to climb the lower wall on the backside of this and it hit me that I need to get high and shoot this photo. So guess what I climbed up and made the photo I wanted; well sort of. In my opinion I wish there were more people but I will take what I can get. And thank you small child for reminding me how I need to feel and think when I'm shooting. Despite all of the stares I got from people I for once in my life felt no worries about what other people thought.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I headed south for a few hours to see a good friend of mine. I love my friends so much and probably take them for granted. Here is to the best group of guys I have ever met!

Sorry for the lack of photographs and the lack of journalistic photo's. School is super busy (almost over) and I'm working crazy hours. Hope all is well,

Love Mattchew......