Friday, October 31, 2008


These pictures were taken at the rivalry game between Saginaw's two inner city school; Saginaw High (Black jerseys) and Arthur Hill (White Jerseys)

I hate to put these up here, but they have a place and a story. I don't like the fact they were used in our paper and secondly I'm upset with myself for turning them in hoping my editors would side against this.

Some of these young men thought this was funny and even took pride in the fight that broke out by bragging on the sidelines. However their coaches did not and for that I am thankful. Arthur Hill's coach ripped these kids a new one and it made me feel proud inside that this behavior isn't being tolerated. It is so sad to see a lot of these kids with no direction in their life and so misinformed about life. They think they are confined to the hood life and how are they not supposed to believe this when it is reinforced around them all the time. Whether it's the print news, television, hip-hop, rap, movies, magazines they think they being tough is cool and it's sad.

For those of you that say well I grew up with these things and I turned out fine there is a big difference between you and them. Direction. You didn't grow up in a household where you like didn't have a father. If these kids have fathers they are working long hours doing manual labor jobs at factories for cheap wages and then sleeping when they are home.

For those of you that didn't have both parents I bet you had someone that filled the void for you. Whether it was church, another family member, a teacher or a best friend you had something to instill direction. These kid's don't have that, they have a version they are called gangs. They have all of these reinforced values around them in the mass media (music, movies, whatever)and they just don't have map to show them there is more.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm officially ready for the election to be over. I really haven't covered much election stuff except when it comes to silly stuff like mock elections for the occasional neighbor feud over signs. And it's not that I dislike elections or the process, but more so the people. In all honesty I'm tired of 15 year-old kids wearing Barak Obama shirts, marching in parades and telling everyone they know what is good for America.

Your probably going to assume that I hate Obama and because these kids political views don't fit mine I'm upset. Well, your probably half right, but the whole truth is do these kids really know what they are talking about?

For example at The Saginaw News we have this really annoying process of getting name, middle initial, hometown, age, and if your under 18 your parents info. So I'm at high school taking these photos with uptight kids who think because they come from the corn fields of Saginaw they got street credit. I can't begin to tell you about the fight I got in with a student who thought it would be funny to try and knock me over with all my equipment in hand, but this is all getting of track so back to the point. The point is I get their information and ask for their parents and they have no clue on how to spell their names. Ladies and gentlemen this is our future. I'll give them not knowing their parents age, but the spelling of names? I just stared blankly at these kids as I asked them questions and watched them reply with just sheer stupidity. What did you learn from this process? "It's important to vote." How did this teach you that? "Um.., because this election is the most important in our history."

Really? You learned it is important to vote because this election is important? So what are you going to do when X-President is up for election and you eligible to vote. Student after student, dumb answer after another.

Look for the next post because I found out how much smarter first graders are compared to high schoolers. It will blow your mind.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

CMU defeats Western 38-28

It's been a while since I have made that photo. You know the one where you don't even have to look to see if you got, you just know it's it. Now only if I could shoot something other than sports. I wonder sometimes

I hate parades

The nice thing about interning in the fall is there are few parades this time of year and for the most part I have been successful in avoiding them. However my luck ran out Friday when I was told I had to shoot Saginaw Heritage's Homecoming Parade.

Among the generic and monotonous shots of floats, people walking, and kids picking up candy I managed to make a few photos. Of the two I loved, one ran and the other didn't so I was contempt with that but I really wish one of these would have made it.

By the way which variation do you like of this photo.

The story behind these photos:
Something I have learned along the way is to get their early and leave late. This isn't always possible when your on deadline, but I always find my best shots either come at the beginning or the end. I was running a little late because of other assignments and apparently I wasn't the only one running late. This young homecoming court member was even later. Their giant black Escalade came rushing up next me and out jumped this young woman and her mother who immediately began fixing her daughters dress. I know it's not the best photo, but I'm really attached to these for some reason. Maybe because I saw this and then saw the potential for photos like it had I been there in time.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A belated update

The best part of my internship has been high school football. The worst part has been shooting at night. I saw this sunset over this podunk town on the east side of the state, reminds me of home in some ways.
Hey Matt go to the library book sale and don't spend much time on it if there is nothing their. Well I spent a while their and I made some a lot of nice photos, but this one tops them all. The is older man was trying to be polite and help this lady pick out books for kids, but she laughed at him as he read this book out loud. Felt bad for the old man.
Ohh man, game saving play right here. CMU loses this game if Bellore doesn't cause this fumble in the endzone. Not a whole lot else to say about this photo other than it ran six columns on the front of sports.
Pretty sure that's a face mask, and it wasn't called. Needless to say this image describes how badly Midland steam rolled over poor Heritage. I was afraid the Heritage players were going to get hurt because Midland was just so much bigger, faster and stronger.
I shot this feature at a Heritage soccer game almost a month ago. Not sure about this photo, but the editors loved it. I just wish it had more.

Man I have ton 0f images to upload and they are even better than these. In all honesty I was kind of bummed about my shooting so far at this internship, but looking at it I defiantly see my progress.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

'The Fish Man'

Eric R. Schantz is a local Saginaw artist known for his paintings on dilapidated buildings across the Saginaw area. The reporter and myself followed Schantz across the city as he showed the art he has created in the hope of a better Saginaw.

Sadly the soundslide produced was not what I had in mind, but I think I will stay in contact with Schantz and try to make this a complete story.