Thursday, June 30, 2011

Volunteer Kid


Steven Stokes, 12, of Mt. Pleasant helps unload potatoes from a pallet Saturday morning during the Community Compassion Network at the Immanuel Lutheran Church, 320 S. Bradley St. Stokes said he has been volunteering with organization, that provides food to those in need, for three or four years. Stokes said it's important to help because, "God wants us to help people and God is really what it's about."

I really haven't updated because I haven't been in love with anything I've shot lately besides sports. I met Steven last Saturday and I spent more time than I was supposed to with him. I'm not really happy with this frame, but to be honest the kid totally touched me. He really loves helping others and not for the selfish reasons a lot of young volunteers to do it for. His parents grounded him once and his punishment was he couldn't volunteer for the week. I'm not making that up either.