Monday, May 31, 2010

Oldies: Track and Field

I've been organizing photos on my hard drive and I came across a bunch of stuff I never shared. So the next couple of days will be filled with posts from previous work shot earlier in the year.

These photos are from a feature about the Central Michigan University track and field team. Coach Willie Randolph gave me free access to shoot what ever, where ever, and who ever I wanted. I met coach Randolph last summer when I photographed a portrait of him for a feature story. He is a charismatic guy, but he demands excellence in everything; he's someone you just have to meet. Either way I really built a rapport with Willie and full access which allowed me the freedom to just shoot.

Senior thrower Greg Pilling was and All-American last year and is the best athlete I have ever worked with. He had more questions about what I did as photographer than I had about throwing. At one point I was questioning who the journalist was, but his kindness put me at easy and allowed me to create a beautiful image.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Freelance: Aikido

Dr. Scott Vogel teaches Aikido Tuesday night at the Wellness Central Fitness in Mount Pleasant. Aikido is a spiritual discipline and self-defense method that uses grappling, throws, and non-resistance to debilitate opponents.

I would describe Aikido as mix between Tai Chi and Judo. There is a lot of slow fluid movement along with throws and grappling. From watching the practice there is a lot of mental discipline and cognitive thought in every movement.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Something Beautiful

I haven't shot much this week and it's mostly been spent sorting/key wording images taken in the last year. I will post some older stuff that never made it to the blog, but looking back I shot a lot of great material.

Too often I find myself stuck trying to fit a photography mold and comparing my work to others. As I mature I see myself doing this and I'm attempting to change. Every photographer develops their own style whether we recognize it or not. I personally don't fully understand mine and it often times frustrates me.

The point is just sometimes you have to get back to making photos. Once you stop thinking about lines, circles, rules of thirds, exposures and etc... you get back to the basics.

It's about capturing something beautiful.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


College came and went. While I'm sad it is ending I'm optimistic for the future. Student loans are the only black cloud over my parade. I still don't know what I want to be when I graduate, but I'm content.

Thanks you Ashley Miller for taking picture above of me and acting as our personal photographer during graduation for those of us on the CM Life staff.

Monday, May 3, 2010

CM Life Banquet: A final senior year

I'm excited to be graduating from CMU finally. Friday was our annual CM Life banquet at the wonderful Buck's Run in Mount Pleasant, Mich.

It was a good time with good people, including my amazing girlfriend Ashley, Timba, bottom left, and Eric, bottom right.

Thanks to all of the photo people who have helped me on the way. I really can't thank people like Alex Stawinski, Dan Stewart, Brett Marshall and the rest of the people I have worked with who impacted my work. I would not be who I am with out all of you.