Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Engelage Meet Pasquale's fist

This is from a few months ago when I was in Saginaw on assignment. Sadly the lights decided not work for myself or the team's photographer, but such is life.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hidden Pain

Hidden Pain

This is what happens when the writing, art and design make love.

I owe Dan Monson for being such an amazing writer and writing his lead around my photographs. This is what are paper should look like everyday.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The life of a photo editor is never boring, but I miss shooting. I miss the nerves, I miss the excitement, I miss it all. I need it badly. I'm striving to be the best and working on a real story.

However I find myself in a different calling right now. Everyday I wake-up head to budget and fight for space. I fight to keep a photo standard. Everyone thinks they can do my job. Everyone thinks they can make a photo. They don't understand, and sometimes I want to say fuck it because who/what am I fighting for? And then I realized I'm supposed to be doing this. I owe it to those Alex Stawinski's, Jill Woodbeck's, John Remus', and Merissa Ferguson's who created a standard, a name, an expectation, a legacy. If I don't stop this now their won't be the next Jessica Scott, or the next Dan Stewart.

If only my staff new what I have sacrificed for them and how much I care. That's why I'm an ass about deadlines and cutlines. I want them to be the highlight of the paper, I want them to be the next legend, the next CPOY winner. I want perfection and if that means being steam rolled by the other editors I'll gladly do it again.