Friday, December 10, 2010

Standing Still


I'm a wander.

I also get overwhelmed way to easily. My brain starts seeing everything and I want to capture it all. This is especially true on assignments when you have a limited time frame.

I'm facing right and then a moment happens left. I turn left and with in a fraction of a second I fumble with the focus button and exposure, but then I'm left watching the moment instead of capturing it.

I try to tell myself to breath, that's if I even remember to do that, because like I said I'm easily overwhelmed.

So instead of being a wander, a worrier or rusher, just realize life goes on.

Take your time. Sit and wait. Wait more and eventually it will happen.

And if you still miss it, just remember it's only a fraction of a second and not the rest of your life.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where's the jube?


St. Louis breezed through the first two sets against Ithaca in the conference title. The third game was essentially a blowout until the Yellow Jackets started a rally to pull with in a few points, after being down by something like 15.

This frame never saw the light of day of in print or even came close, but I personally love absolutely everything about it.


In the end St. Louis won the third set and the game was over. This was the jubilation.

As far as my photos go I wish they would have lost in five sets, but I guess you take what you are given.