Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nadine's, a family tradition

Nadine Voisin, 64, of Mount Pleasant attempts to the cut the hair of William McClintic, 2, as he reaches for his mother Rachel Friday afternoon at Nadine's Beauty Salon, 701 E. Michigan St. Voisin has owned her shop for 44 years and has been cutting four generation of McClintic family hair. When asked why the family comes back to her Nadine said with a laugh, "Because I'm good."


Since William didn't get a haircut and either did any of his other family members the assignment was looking like a wash. I stuck around Nadine's and photographed a few of other appointments and made photos of her doing what she does.

As I came back to the office I was a little disappointed William wasn't cooperating. As I edited through photos I realized how valuable and story telling the top photo is. Had he sat in the chair and had his hair trimmed the photo would have been just that. Instead I was able to create a unique moment in the life of both William and Nadine.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CMU basketball

Will McClure

CMU center Will McClure lays on the floor after being fouled in the first half against the University of Detroit. The Chippewas lost, 75-49.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Here's to looking at you 2011

As Facebook and Twitter flooded with posts cursing the year known as 2010 and casting it away, I thought about how great the past year was for me.

Two ago I set out on journey to find myself as photographer. What was supposed to be a one year voyage morphed into something greater than I ever visioned. I'm still searching, but to see the growth from then to know astonishes me.

What 2010 brought me:
1. I completed multiple photo stories
Even though I feel there is work left to do, it is something I always put on my to do list and never finished. Finishing these projects and more specifically the one above led me to so much. I just want to say it's amazing what you learn from others.

2. I landed a full-time job at the daily in my college town

Bottom line I'm thankful I have a job doing what I love. My friends warned me about this job and made me pledge not to "lose my soul." There are many things this paper could do better, but instead of being jobless I'm actively attempting changing things. It's not easy, but isn't active change why we all wanted to become journalist?

3. I stopped worrying and started taking control of my life

Putting yourself out there is scary. When you stop everything in life and start driving the other direction it's dangerous, but along the way I found so much I thought was ahead of me I had passed because I was never paying attention. Slowing down helped me to become a better photographer and a happier person.

4. Living a positive progressive lifestyle

The truth about journalist is a lot of them are failures who become super jaded at the world and have fallen into a dark place of anger and spite. This type of person uses their AP Style (or photo) intellect to make others feel inept. Surround yourself with good people. Find people willing to help you and lead by example. Those kind of people never advance in life. It's not that they aren't smart enough or good enough, but it's attitude. It's about wanting it and not losing site of how and why.

5. My internship with Dan Stewart

It was undoubtedly the most valuable experience I have had as a photographer. I learned not only what it is to be an outstanding photographer, but also an outstanding husband, brother and friend. No matter how terrible a shoot went Dan somehow always remained optimistic and walked away positive. He is the exact opposite of the jaded journalist. I'm thankful for Dan, his wife Liz and brother Jason who always made me feel welcome.

Yes, 2010 was filled with long wedding days, too many "you've just go to do it" assignments, but it made all of the little wins seem sweeter.

"Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out."
~John Wooden